The submitted songs must be original, never published before and not performed in any contest or broadcasted by radio and television. They need to be modern, hit oriented songs for children.


1.    The participants must not be older than 14 years. 
2.    There is no entry fee (the entry is free of charge) 

Each entry must include:

•    A mp3 of the song including full arrangement with vocal  (+ version).
•    A copy of the lyrics of the song in the original language and a copy in English. 
•    The duration of the song must not be more than four (4) minutes. 
•    An artistic biography of the performer in English. 
•    Two different, high quality, colour photos of the performer. (portrait on a light background, made in a photo studio, JPEG or TIFF format, at least 1024x1024 pixels (~10x10cm) 300dpi)
•    A completed entry form signed by the composer, lyricist and singer. 

All materials received will not be returned.

Entry deadline:
All entries must be received until 31st of August. 

Organizer's rights: 
The organizer of the “Asterisks” festival has the exclusive rights to publish, to edit and to use the selected songs on radio, television, CD or any other media without any territorial limitations. 

The invited singers will be accommodated in a hotel on the expense of the festival. 
For the invited directors of festivals the organizers provide full accommodation during the festival.
All the other singers and accompanying persons (parents, composers etc.) will have to
 complete funding of the agreed amount of money for each participant of the group, no later than the day of the arrival.

The participants provide, on their own expense, their transport to Prilep and back.